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John Van Bergen's Allan Miller House Just Won't Sell

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When Curbed first dialed in to the listing for the Allan Miller House in South Shore back in September '10, the exemplary Prairie Home had already been on the market for a year. Several small price chops had brought the ask down to $450K— not half bad for Chicago's sole remaining John Van Bergen build (he's got some stuff in the 'burbs). Bergen, for those unaware, was a Frank Lloyd Wright colleague and something of a protege. The landmark home has enjoyed considerable upgrades in the past few years, as Dennis Rodkin chronicles in a '09 tour of the home. But in the nearly two-and-a-half years since listing, all the attention heaped on the house hasn't amounted to a hill of beans for the seller. The unerring interiors are highly reminiscent of Wright, as are the furnishings. We dig the enclosed side porch and the deep landscaped yard with its rambunctious gardens. So what's it asking now? $399K.
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