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Is this the Most Horizontal House on the Market?

You can certainly say this edge-of-town ranch makes full use of its corner lot. This 1,400 square foot 3-bed might be the shortest, most elongated home on the market at the moment, at least from what we were able to find in a quick MLS-search (if you spot contenders, send 'em to the tipline!). Of course, a ranch is inherently a single-story structure, but these ceilings feel lower than usual. Even the pitched roof isn't all that pitched. But what strikes us most is the linearity. The rooms are mostly strung together side-by-side to make for a exceedingly long, shallow footprint. Try as you may, you won't lose track of family in this place. Other than its accessibility, perks include its location opposite the Shiller Woods Forest Preserve, and the "new everything". On the market for two months, the asking price is $245K.
·Listing: 3701 N Cumberland Ave [McHugh Development]