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Let's Take a Closer Look at City Hyde Park

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We expected to have something to sink our teeth into following last night's City Hyde Park presentation by Jeanne Gang and representatives of the Silliman Group. Happily, we do. While we were unable to attend, today's press release has relayed the fine-grained project details and accompanying renderings. Last week, working off of a single rendering, we wondered whether parking would remain below ground in the altered design. It will. We also mistakenly opined that the balconies had disappeared. Now, with benefit of a close-up and the assertions of Gang, those balconies are definitely alive and well. In fact there's two types: "Juliette" on the eastern face and "cantilevered" on the west. The mid-rise building will contain two floors of retail space, anchored by Whole Foods (look out Treasure Island), topped by an amenity level with a gym and pool. Along with the 20-story tower, total number of units will remain at 179.

We're certainly enjoying the course textures of the buildings, their transparency, and the way the balconies are chiseled into the corners of the tower. We'll leave you with this, from Jeanne Gang: "City Hyde Park's most important feature is its urbanism. It positions many more residences within walking distance of public transportation and its architecture is oriented to the public spaces around it, reinforcing sidewalk use and encouraging walking over driving." Perhaps, but there's still the matter of those 365 parking spaces.
·New Look and Density for Jeanne Gang's City Hyde Park [Curbed Chicago]

City Hyde Park

1501 E. Hyde Park Blvd., Chicago, IL 60615