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The Ball Gets Rolling on Wicker's Miller Lumber Apartments

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A plan for a glass & steel five-story loft building at the site of the L. Miller & Sons lumberyard at Division & Honore has re-materialized after quietly circulating back in October. The East Village Association presented the renderings yesterday from Berkelhamer Architects that show a building a bit larger than its neighbors but stylistically not unique to this stretch of Division. The new four-story building diagonally adjacent comes to mind. In the EVA's fall-time correspondence with developer Smith Partners, planning co-chair Scott Rappe, in a letter, contrasted this site with the one at Ashland & Division, arguing against similar density because of its siting within a low-profile residential zone. Therefore, Rappe encouraged Smith Partners to adhere to the existing zoning allowance of four-stories, 39 units, and 24 parking spaces. The plan, as first presented, calls for 52 units and 42 parking spaces. The ground floor will, in either event, consist of retail space (expect a splashy restaurant concept). These don't seem like enormous concessions, unless of course they impact the development's profitability. Also, the EVA took issue with the small unit size (622-926 sf) in their November meeting. No updated renderings have surfaced yet, but are likely to March 6 when Ald. Proco Joe Moreno convenes a public meeting on the matter.
·Miller Lumber apartments hearing March 6 [EVA]