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Nature Lover's Jefferson Park House asks $1,800/mo

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UPDATE: Well folks, looks like another shady story by Postlets, whom we'll no longer be doing business with. Corrections follow:

Here now, a two-bedroom, two-bath freestanding home flush against Forest Preserve for $800/mo $1,800/mo. What are the stats, you ask? The living space totals 1,500 sf. It's in really solid condition with hardwood floors, exposed brick, and one functioning fireplace. A large deck unfurls from the family room, with a deep yard beyond. The Indian Road Woods Forest Preserve lies directly behind the property, which is the launch point for the stellar North Branch River Trail. Our only gripe—and it ain't much—is the ceilings are a wee bit low.
·Listing: 5316 W Ardmore Ave. [Postlets]