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Serious Upgrades: Adler-Designed Servant Cottage

Dennis Rodkin delivers another showstopper today, with his tour of a hybridized David Adler home in Lake Forest. We say 'hybridized' because the $2.8M listing is an '05 fusion of a chauffeur's cottage, a five-car garage, and an octagonal connector (housing the kitchen) fashioned as a replica of another Adler structure on a different estate. The estate to which this cottage once belonged is that of Lola Armour but the main house, now severed, is a good quarter-mile off. Prior to the architectural reconfiguration, the cottage alone was a quaint five-room abode. The garage looks to at least double the living space, and adds a lot of drama to the home. As does the octagonal kitchen which, says the owner, feels "like a little cafe". [Deal Estate]