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Renovated Bucktown Coach with Loft-Like Feel for $2,400

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Rents are up, yes we know. In Bucktown, the average across all types is about $2,000/mo, according to Zillow. It was $1,880 in December. For a few bucks above the average, why not rent your very own coach house at Honore & Cortland? Available immediately, this 1,400-square-foot two-story home has three beds, two baths, a 30' long deck, and a courtyard. It's "loft-styled" in the sense that the ceilings are relatively high and there looks to be an open staircase. Does its 'loft' pedigree run deeper? Tough to tell. What's the magic number? $2,400.
·Listing: 1924 N Honore St. (coach) [Postlets]