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Newfangled ACME Hotel Taking Over River North Comfort Inn

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Bid farewell to the Comfort Inn at 15 E. Ohio Street. An ACME Hotel is moving on in, with opening set for May. Self-branded a "new boutique hotel alternative with an eye for design and a high-tech vibe", the model room images and press release describe a trendy, affordable, safe interpretation of the hipster hotel. Take it away, press release:

Walking into the design-centric ACME Hotel, guests will enter a wood-beamed, domed entry with check-in immediately to the right. Further down the hallway, guests will be greeted by the stylish ambiance of the hotel’s bar and lounge space. The gritty yet chic space features two-story walls framed in industrial-style lighting illuminating the space. Through a series of arched walkways located on both the right and left sides of the space, distinct lounge seating will be placed along the surrounding walls. The remodeled hotel will total 130 rooms, including 25 "imaginative" suites that best represent ACME's "Do your thing" tagline by way of wet bar and artwork. According to Hotel Chatter, ACME's proprietors also own the Dana Hotel and Spa, and are looking to serve your everyday hipster with modest room rates starting at $150. This is at least the second major hotel renovation slated to open this Spring, along with The Hotel Lincoln.
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