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West Rogers Park Manse Whittled to One-Third its Initial Ask

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We've been here before folks. With all the amazing/stupefying/quirky/horrific properties to write about, what then justifies our return to 2100 W Pratt Blvd? How about the loss of $900K in value over the past five months? Added to the $660K in cuts leading up to our September posting, that makes for a price reduction of two-thirds its original list price in about a year on the market! The cuts are so deep and frequent, it's almost as if prospective buyers aren't given a chance to respond. Asking $890K for the moment, last week's 31% cut may signal the last stand. Two constants remain, and they're certainly not helping: the poor photo quality and sloppy listing description. Here's the straight goods— the 12,000-square-foot five-bedroom mansion on a 187'x150' lot borders a golf course, has its very own indoor pool, five fireplaces, hardwoods throughout, and is available for the first time since its construction 112 years ago. Dig in!
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