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Dramatic Lincoln Park Greystone Sells for '98 Price

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Here's one hell of a pill to swallow— a 4-bed Greystone on the cusp of park and lake just sold for $850K, almost matching its 1998 sale price of $810K. Listing last April for $1.55M, scarcely a month passed without a major price chop. The 124-year-old home has an updated (though small) kitchen and modern baths, but mostly flaunts the vintage: pocket doors, stained glass, moldings, original hardwoods, etc. There's a couple things that may have conspired to drag down the sale price: ornament prevails over amenity (e.g. the fireplaces are non-functioning) and the garage parking is either rented or sold separately. But given the half-block stroll east to North Pond and west to Clark St. spoils, we didn't expect such a deal.
·Listing: 473 W Arlington Place [Eldorrado Chicago Real Estate]