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Buy Lingerie Everywhere; This Weekend's Vintage Pop Up Market; Mystery at Open Books; More!

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And now, the latest from the experts at Racked Chicago, covering shopping and retail from the sidewalks up.

EVERYWHERE - Lingerie is where it's at this season - all the ladies know it and they're gonna get what they want come February 14. To make finding the right lingerie for the situation an easier process we've put together a handy-dandy map of all the best stores to buy lingerie in Chicago.

LINCOLN SQUARE - The Vintage Bazaar is back again - only this time on two levels and with a bunch of food options. The pop-up vintage market happens this Saturday and Sunday in Lincoln Square at the Dank Haus. Drop by for unique and collectible finds.

RIVER NORTH - A slew of Modern Men, including an ex-Bears player to a fashion editor hit The Underground on Illinois last week, modeling styles for four ultra hip shops. The usual menswear power players in the Chicago scene - Sir & Madame, Haberdash, Cityblue and Apartment Number 9.

RIVER NORTH - A very sweet gentleman had one of the cutest ideas for engaging his girlfriend we've heard about in a long time. Earlier this month (and it's happened since then too), at Open Books a woman received the first clue to lead her to her future. This mystery at a bookstore led her on a wild chase around the city where she finally found her now fiancee, Nick waiting with a ring at sunset.