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The Request for Proposals period has closed for a $57.4M CTA contract to rehab seven Red Line stations b/w Jarvis and Lawrence. Details of the project's general scope were briefly made available on the CTA's website before being removed. CTA Tattler's Kevin O'Neil snagged a look before the details went bye-bye. The gist:

* Platform deck structure and foundation replacement
* Platform fixtures, furnishings and canopy improvements
* Station exterior site improvements
* Building envelope renovation
* Interior configuration improvement and finish replacement
* New utility services and rooms
* Viaduct structural repairs/cosmetic repairs (excludes Lawrence)

Don't know about you, but the $57M figure seems low if these treatments are to be applied to all seven stations. Work should commence soon if the CTA holds firm to the Feb. 2013 completion date. [CTA Tattler]