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Large & Thoroughly Chandeliered Greystone sells for $575K

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Say it ain't so! "Bronzeville's Showroom" is off the market. In the Grand Boulevard section of Bronzeville and weighing in at 6,300+ square feet with five bedrooms and four-and-a-half baths, its $575K sale price puts it at just $90/sf. That's half the going rate for similar properties a few blocks east in Kenwood. So yes, we agree it's something quite special. The tendrils of redevelopment haven't succeeded in reaching far into Grand Boulevard from Kenwood or Bronzeville's northern reaches. Hence the need for a "showroom". Duh. What makes is so showy, you ask? The diverse range of chandeliers, for starters. The piping hot renovation brought the sprawling basement to life, laid down a sharp kitchen, popped on a new roof, and restored the exterior. Speaking of pop, the bright bedroom paint jobs and pitched ceilings are definitely a jolt to the system. At the end of the day, the two-years worth of work won an extra $200K for the seller.
·Listing: 4539 S King Drive [Baird & Warner]