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For $2,900/mo: A Palatial Logan Loft with Pro-Grade Bar

Time to get drunk? Then I guess I'll mosey on down to my extremely well-stocked bar-sized home bar and down a few with several of my phantom friends. That's you, the renter, speaking. And that might become an accurate snapshot of your everyday if you choose to rent this 3/2 Logan Square loft in an former lingerie factory. The linchpin of the main space, the bar has its own refrigerator, ice machine, draft beer, and seating for 12. The room itself is gigantic and boasts 14' ceilings. The other rooms aren't too shabby either, particularly the "hot tub room", with 7-person capacity, a waterfall, and built-in TV and sound system. If that fills up, there's always the 2-person jacuzzi. Tragically, neither of these great specimens of amenity are pictured. But there's plenty more info to be had— the listing agent wrote a book on the place, so we defer to him. Asking $2,900/mo in rent, the unit was listed last summer for $550K but didn't sell.
·Listing: 2650 W Belden Ave #207 [Ralko Realty]