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What Happened at Neimans and Target; Gap Opening Two Stores

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And now the latest from Curbed's shopping blog, Racked Chicago covering everything you need to know about style, fashion and retail from the sidewalks up.

EVERYWHERE - Last weekend the collaboration to end all collaborations happened and it will continue to happen until everything is sold out. Target and Neiman Marcus have released more than 50 products by 24 designers. It was insanity. Here's how it went down, and everything else about it including what is left to shop from.

LOOP/LAKEVIEW - It was a big week for Gap as well they're doing 2 new high profile stores. The first is about to happen in the Loop in the old Old Navy space and the second will happen in the Southport Corridor come spring and might, just might include Piperlime.

"CENTRALLY LOCATED" - Damn girl, it's chilly out there and it's only going to get colder, yet, a skirt is a necessity. For this, we've got a list of places to buy warm tights, all conveniently mapped out for your shopping convenience.

ELSEWHERE - Want to know where else to shop? You're in luck! This week, Racked added three new cities; Racked Boston, Racked Philly and Racked San Francisco. Now, whether you're in one of these cities wondering where to shop or a destination like New York or Los Angeles, you can turn to us, your only source that honestly lets you know 'where to spend it'.