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Church-Occupying Single-Fam Sells for $1.185M in Logan

Hey, that didn't take too long. The Logan Square church-turned-single-family-residence that hit the market in early September has sold to the tune of $1.185M. That's $244K below the initial ask. What about this property didn't measure up, you might ask. Probably its need for a niche buyer, which can lead to seller anxiety if languishing ensues. Better to chop the price a little and grab ahold of early interest. If the 6,000-square-feet for sale belonged to one of the historic Logan or Kedzie Boulevard mini-mansions just around the corner, it might have gotten $1.5M. One potential gripe is the smallness of the four bedrooms relative to the enormity of common space. That's churches for ya. Another gripe might be the heating bill. Regardless, this place is quite something.
·Listing: 3232 W Wrightwood Ave. [Conlon]
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