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SRO Beefs

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Housing advocates are taking their fight for the preservation of Single-Occupancy Hotels (SROs) to the owner of Lakeview's Abbott Hotel. A round of informal notices sent to the SRO's tenants indicated they'll need to vacate by Dec. 31. It's unclear whether that was a temporary order, but it was enough to trigger allegations that the Abbott is closing its doors to the low-income, transient population. Furthermore, as Skyline Newspaper reports, Park Ridge-based owner BJB Partners has a "flair" for SRO rehabs, with work recently begun on The Sheffield House and Bel-Air Hotel. A pattern of closures and upscale conversions has revealed itself on the North Side, garnering a fair amount of attention. Other cities have intervened. Will ours? [Skyline, photo: zapp645/creative commons, previously]