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Slick Bucktown Cottage w/ Roof Deck Now Renting for $4K

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Here's another foxy rehab, this time a rental. The just-listed 3/3 cottage is being offered for $4K/month— not inconsequential, but this is Bucktown and there's a cost of entry. The interiors are very inviting, with hardwoods throughout, a finished basement w/ kitchenette, marble bathroom w/ jacuzzi, sun room, and a master bedroom with wood beams, skylight, and balcony. Of particular interest to all sentient beings is the garage-top deck with direct catwalk connection to the master bedroom. And a small yard offers something to the peons below. The home was listed last year for $600K with no takers. Leasing it out should be a bit simpler.
·Listing: 2322 W Shakespeare Ave. [Coldwell Banker]