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Art Deco Deathmatch: Semifinal 1- Carbide & Carbon v. Palmolive

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Welcome to Archigames, wherein nominated local buildings of a particular style are matched up in sudden death pairings to decide the most suitable representative of said style. This week it's Art Deco, and the first semifinal is below. Brush up on the nominees, but always defer to your tastes when casting your vote. Polls close tomorrow at noon. Thanks for playing!

Our readers have spoken! Despite some stiff competition, Carbide & Carbon and the Palmolive Building both won handily in the first round of our Art Deco Deathmatch. Something tells us this next matchup will be a much closer contest, with plenty of bloodshed. Carbide & Carbon has the obvious height advantage and may be the more adventurous of the two, but Palmolive's classic elegance and historic appeal also can't be denied. So, who's bound for the finals?
·Archigames [Curbed Chicago]

Poll results

Palmolive Building

159 E Walton Pl, Chicago, IL 60611