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Customization Or Instant Gratification At This Stately 4-Bed?

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Somehow the listing agent for this 4/5 Gold Coast rowhome presumes a buyer will be attracted to the property as a blank slate for customization. Why not keep most things as they are? We can see upgrading the bathrooms and reorienting the bedrooms in a non-Bed & Breakfast formation (the home's present use). But otherwise, this is about as lovely as they come. And it's a lot of house for under a mil on the western edge of the Gold Coast! A two-story living room with window wall, lofted dining room, new kitchen, en suite bedrooms, rambling garden, and a two-car garage are the home's greatest successes. New-to-market, the asking price is $949K.
·Listing: 113 W Elm St. [Coldwell Banker]