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Art Deco Deathmatch: Semifinal 2- CBOT v. Merch Mart

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Welcome to Archigames, wherein nominated local buildings of a particular style are matched up in sudden death pairings to decide the most suitable representative of said style. This week it's Art Deco, and the second semifinal is below. Brush up on the nominees, but always defer to your tastes when casting your vote. Polls close tomorrow at noon. Thanks for playing!

This pairing of colossal Art Deco works is sure to test your faithfulness to the style. Purists may cleave to the Chicago Board of Trade building, whose Art Deco merits are felt more in the tower's form than strictly in its ornamentation (although that Ceres statue has big time presence). It doesn't hurt that architects Holabird & Root were the preeminent designers of Art Deco in Chicago. Meanwhile, Merchandise Mart has made a fan of everyone in its riverfront audience, tourist and Chicagoan alike. While warehouse is the predominant form, the 25-story tower that bisects the massing on the southern face brings setbacks and a gentle crown from the Art Deco toolkit. Recurring MM logos and other Deco interior and exterior touches keep the building in the conversation. Time to send one to the finals!
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