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Steely & Symmetrical Contempo w/ Yummy Yard Asks $1.8M

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With the degree of symmetry governing this Bucktown contempo, be thankful there's not two of everything (one kitchen is plenty). Architects Bauhs & Dring really took the possibilities of a double-wide lot to heart. Specializing in rehabs and renos, the firm let loose with this 1990 project. The 5,000-square-foot 4-bed has catwalks reminiscent of Ron Ysla's "Fugitive House", a voluminous 2-story atrium, extensive built-ins, marbled master bathroom, and an open and flexible floorplan. Some things are twinned, like the front-facing attached garages, balconies, and window sets. The backyard landscape is pretty boss, with terraced levels, patio, pocket gardens, and, ahoy, a koi! New-to-market, the ask is $1.795M.
·Listing: 1711 W Wabansia Ave. [Prudential Rubloff]