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The Maxwell Drops Residences From Roosevelt Road Project

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With Skyscraper Page's Kippis as our compass we navigated over to the Bond Cos development page for The Maxwell, only to find that all 430 apartments have been erased from plans. The retail space has been modestly expanded to 216,000 square feet, and will address its intersection directly with parking enclosed within the three-story structure. As originally conceived, the project, which began its site clearing at Roosevelt and Clinton in mid summer, would have needed a zoning change. Now it'll blend right in with the district's other retail agglomerations. Worth noting: residential massing is still present in the above site plan (slide 5). Will it appear further down the pipeline? That's the question we're still asking about Roosevelt Collection's potential towers, even though it has its ducks in a line. Curbed contacted Bond Cos for clarification and is awaiting response.
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