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Lake Shore Drive Condo Really Puts The 'Cave' in Man Cave

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My, my. Someone is very fond of that Chicagoland vernacular whereby homeowners slap stone excavations onto their facades and/or living room walls. This slab is more raw than most and, rather oddly and awesomely, belongs to a luxury condo. It actually looks most like a pilfered bit of France's Chauvet-Pont-d'Arc cave, what with the crude etchings and all. That's a more likely influence than the bungalows of O'Hare or the midcentury ranches of Forest Glen. And honestly, if this belonged to either set we'd probably shrug it off. But it's way up on the 11th floor of the crisp new 600 N LSD, so let's have some respect. The 3/3.5 unit is a floor above the "urban farming" space featured last week on Curbed, and is listed for a whole lot more: $1.75M.
·Listing: 600 N Lake Shore Drive #1112 [Coldwell Banker]