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Curbed Cup Final: (2) Avondale vs. (13) Rogers Park

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This is a fitting finale in a lot of ways. For starters, Avondale and Rogers Park are both community areas which many identify as neighborhoods in a habitual and emotional way. The matchup also pits one of our presumed favorites against a perceived long shot. Well, Rogers Park has been proving us wrong since the first round. The blog-happy precinct squeezed every drop of support from its online community, but it's our duty to note that a lot of the specific attributes advanced by readers on Rogers Park's behalf dealt with community makeup, in the sense of the relative constants that define the area. Let's anchor this thing in 2012 as much as possible, shall we? Avondale also had quite the machine enlisted, but so did Andersonville. With 3,000+ votes cast, Avondale's late surge brought home the bacon. There's certainly a lot going on in Avondale these days but has it been enough to merit outside attention? There's no catchall characterization for the area and it's not yet a 'destination', but that probably sits just fine with most residents. OK, cards are on the table. Do your thing. Polls are open until Wednesday!
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