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Curbed Cup Semifinals: (13) Rogers Park vs. (16) West Loop

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The Curbed Cup, Curbed Chicago's annual Neighborhood of the Year tournament, continues today with the first semifinal. The deserving (and oh-so-sexy!) candidates are presented below. The poll starts now and closes tomorrow morning. Let your true feelings be known!

Still in an egg nog coma? Nothing like some pushing and shoving to jar you from your slumber— amongst Curbed Cup semifinalists, that is. Up first, Rogers Park vs. West Loop. As it turned out, the neighborhoods' qualifications exceeded their seedings and boisterous local bases woke up to vote. One base in particular—West Loop's—may prove insurmountable in this round. Some 660 votes went to West Loop in its quarterfinal matchup with Logan Square, more than the total cast for Rogers Park and The Loop. But there's a lot to fear in a 'hood the size of Rogers Park, and, apart from the student population, the area has nurtured a thick band of loyalists. Hey, with its beaches, cuisine, theater, and long schlepp downtown, you'd probably get pretty attached.
·Curbed Cup 2012

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