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Haughty Gold Coast Greystone Sells For $2.1M After 30 Months

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Whew! Finally some action on the sizable inventory of for-sale Gold Coast mansions! With this one going rental, and this immediate neighbor leaving the market after a price collapse, 77 E Elm might have languished even longer than it did. Fishing for $4.5M at the height of the recession was a move that went unrewarded— the 7,000-square-foot mini-mansion sold for just $2.12M on the solstice. Shortest day, smallest price imaginable. In its current state, the property, defined in brokerbabble by "vintage gorgeousness combined with modern luxury chic", is multi-unit with three one-bed apartments and a "fabulous" 2/4 owner's unit w/ three wood-burning fireplaces. The house also boasts a rooftop deck and rear garden w/ water element. The listing hints at work to be done, at least of the visionary sort: "Bring your architects & designers." That kind of thing has the potential to drag an asking price into the gutter, no matter how invigorating the prospects.
·Listing: 77 E Elm Street [Prudential Rubloff]