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Bracket Review: Meet the Members of the Final Four!

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The West Loop is showing that it's really no underdog at all. It's hard to call these things, but Rogers Park will really have to flip on the burners to upend the neighborhood synonymous with development. Particularly if the West Loop summons several hundred voters once more. But remember everyone, we're only concerned with who had the better year. That's the Curbed Cup's challenge to you!

Andersonville has also sustained a healthy voting block through two rounds. And readers backed up their votes with testimony to their 'hood's unparalleled and harmonious community. But Avondale is our sleeper. Some barbs were exchanged between Avondale and Albany Park boosters. Here's the most ruthless: "Avondale is just a catch all for hipster run-off. The 'hood is really light on architectural charms and landmarks. I know it's the popular call for the limitless skinny jeans expansion up milwaukee but come on, the city only needs so many places to ironically drink PBR." Whether that's your take or not, Avondale emerged the clear 2 to 1 favorite. It would come as no shock if voting interest crescendos for this high-stakes semifinal against A-Ville.
·Curbed Cup 2012 First Round Review