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More Details Emerge On $1B Wolf Point Proposal

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Neither wind nor sleet nor snow could keep us from attending last night's Wolf Point meeting, hosted by Ald. Brendan Reilly. As you may recall, Reilly deferred consideration of the project by the Plan Commission in protest of last minute changes made by developer Hines Interests. This latest meeting was held to discuss the results of the most recent traffic study and other alterations to the plan. The hotel component, the most contentious element of the project, has been slashed from 1,800 to a maximum of 450 rooms. At this time, Hines is only seeking approval of Phase I of the project, the 525-foot West Tower, which will house a maximum of 510 units and 200 parking spots. Phases 2 (South Tower) and 3 (East Tower) are subject to further review by the community and a host of municipal entities. No word on how the delay will affect the project's timeline.

Ted Wolff, principal of Wolff Landscape Architecture, spoke on some of the changes to come with the construction of the West Tower. First, an elevated, U-shaped driveway will be built to allow access from Mart Center Drive. The first 400 feet of riverwalk along the west side of the site will also be installed. It will cantilever over the existing riverbank, drawing pedestrians right up to the river's edge. Enhancements are planned for the northwest access point between the Chicago Sun-Times Building and the West Tower, including an elevator for the handicapped and the elimination of some service entrances. And the centerpiece of it all is a one-acre park. Dubbed the West Riverbank Park, it will feature landscaping, lighting, and a stepped urban veranda at the southern end of the 3.85-acre site. Stay tuned for more updates!
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