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Pulaski Park Monster Home w/ Nine Full Baths Asks $1.45M

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Portions of this "executive level dream home" in the Pulaski Park section of North Park are inexcusably hideous. Others are delectable. First, the hideous: that bedroom with lime green and light purple walls, cruddy forest green carpet, and mud-toned stage curtain. Yikes! The kitchen also earns demerits for rampant florescent lighting. Now, the delectable: numerous skylights make amends for fairly low ceilings; there's a nice office/library; gigantic back deck with sizable yard; and a basement that constitutes a "total second house" with full spa, bedrooms, two full baths, and rec rooms. Listing in May for $1.725M, the ask has slipped to $1.45M. All in all, this place is a riddle. Why has it been so greatly expanded while its dated look has been preserved? And why does it need nine full baths? But people do go big in North Park from time to time, as this under-construction $3.9M mansion attests to right around the corner— the only North Park property priced higher.
·Listing: 6302 N Monticello Ave. [Century 21]