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'Palladian Palace' of Architectural Digest Fame Gets $3.39M

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We're not sure what's longer: the driveway leading up to this Lake Forest manse or the amount of time it took land a buyer. After debuting at $6.99M in 2008, the sellers doubled down, raising the ask to a whopping $8.95M. But reality soon set in, a wave of price chops followed, and the 5/6 home eventually sold for a modest $3.39M. That's kind of a steal considering it delivers nearly 10,000-square feet and is surrounded by 1.5-acres of lush formal gardens. Built in 1990, the home also headlined Architectural Digest's "Editors Select Properties from Around the World" feature. We're betting the living room's domed ceiling featured prominently in the spread. The 15-room palace also offers travertine walnut floors, whirlpool tub, cabana, library, rec room, and a large pool. Quite the resume!
·Listing: 660 N Green Bay Rd. [@properties]