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Curbed Cup Quarterfinals: (5) The Loop vs. (13) Rogers Park

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The Curbed Cup, Curbed Chicago's annual Neighborhood of the Year tournament, continues with the second quarterfinal today. The deserving (and oh-so-sexy!) candidates are presented below. This round's results will be reviewed on Friday but the poll is only open for 24 hours, starting now!

Both of these quarterfinalists made it here on a margin of less than half a percentage point. The Loop took out River North, even though nothing was as high-profile as the proposal for Wolf Point. These are nabes where shit gets done, as the demand for office and residential is higher than elsewhere. Rogers Park, as usual, had a tumultuous year. There's going to be crime in low-income areas. But it was a banner year for expansionist Loyola University, who ate up parcels, converted buildings to academic and residential use, and got major renovations to adjacent CTA stops Loyola and Morse. Although East Ravenswood is trending upward, Rogers Park has numbers and visibility and, therefore, an elite eight berth. Let the voting begin!
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