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Large But Not In Charge: Five-Bed Stucco Home Takes Chops

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This would appear a textbook case on a vintage home's shortcomings in the modern marketplace. The 1909 stucco four-square is large but not in charge. That's to say its creature comforts aren't up to snuff. Few of today's five-beds have just one full bathroom. O the horror when your least favorite aunt hogs the shower! The listing talks up the eat-in kitchen w/ butler's pantry, but, while we won't deny the accommodating size, the space is lackluster by million-dollar home standards. And the basement, though large, is not habitable at present. In fact, finished living space measures just 2,000 square feet. Some buyers may take issue with the compact plainness of all but one bedroom, but we dig the spartan decor— it lets the woodwork shine. Whatever the challenges facing this East Ravenswood property, $1.1M was a high starting price. The ask has tumbled to $849K in just two months.
·Listing: 1700 W Wilson Ave. [@properties]