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Status Report: Campaign for Pullman National Historical Park

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Almost immediately, Curbed received a response to yesterday's solicitation for info on the Pullman National Park legislative push. Lynn McClure of the National Parks Conservation Association wrote the following in an email:

The National Park Service is working on a short study right now that should be complete by late spring. We have to have a study so that when we put the idea to Congress sometime in 2013, the park service will have weighed in saying that Pullman has the right stuff to become a national park. Or in this case, most likely a National Historical Park. NPCA, the group I work for, has commissioned an economic study that will be complete in March to address the neighborhood and regional implications of a national park going into Pullman. Job creation, housing values, business development, etc. We're pleased to hear of the ongoing momentum following the resignation of the study legislation's author U.S. Rep Jesse Jackson, Jr. A National Historical Park designation would cover the ailing and gutted Administration and Factory building, the underutilized Hotel Florence and possibly other nearby structures. As Historic Pullman Foundation President Michael Shymanski told WBEZ's Lee Bey in January, "The National Park Service does an excellent job with the sites that eventually get designated. It doesn't happen overnight and requires continuous congressional support and broad public interest and support to be fully implemented."
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