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Logan Square Factory Loft Fit For Jumbo Jet Asks $1.3M

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Where to begin? While atypical loft listings are Curbed's meat and potatoes, this outrageous Logan Square factory loft is pretty humbling. The 5,300-square-foot conversion didn't bother with reapportioning the space, keeping a 62' x 38' expanse at its core. That living room/dining room/kitchen features a super-high vaulted timber ceiling with a conservatory-caliber industrial skylight, exposed brick, and a chef's kitchen and ornate fireplace made to look diminutive. The newly-fabricated master bedroom with wood stove feels cramped by comparison even though it measures 36' x 26'. Step into the "unbelievable smokestack staircase" to ascend to the private roof terrace with built-in deck furniture. The double lot Armitage Ave property also comes with a 3-car "carport". And the master bath is a fun looking place. Selling last for $725K in 2003, the new ask is $1.3M.
·Listing: 2605 W Armitage Ave. [Coldwell Banker]