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The Bracket Don't Lie: Curbed Cup 1st Round Results!

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OK, so the seedings were a little off. Not wanting to interfere too much in the natural order of things, we built them based on reader justifications and number of nominations. That being said, the only true first round upsets were the West Loop edging out South Loop and Andersonville manhandling Lincoln Square. Fourth-seeded East Ravenswood also went down to thirteenth-seeded Rogers Park, but the neighborhoods were a mismatch in city-wide visibility and population. A few contests were decided by a fraction of a percentage point (in two cases, this amounted to a mere two-vote swing). If we were to run the votes again, the outcome might be different. The most electrifying moment had to be West Loop's victory. It's not that the neighborhood lacks popularity, it's that South Loop has Sloopin on its side, and a few dozen reader nominations. More than 1,000 votes were cast. Still, West Loopers and other upset-minded Chicagoans banded together to deliver an unlikely win to West Loop by a 51.9% to 48.1% margin. Next week's festivities revolve around the quarterfinals. Be sure to tune in!
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