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Big Reveal: $369K for a Vintage 4/4 Duplex in Uptown

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Any post whatsoever on Uptown invites a dose of neighborhood bashing, but at least no one stuck it to this particular duplex condo. The 4/4 vintage unit belongs to a small apartment building at Carmen & Sheridan, putting it very close to the lake and park. Guesses were erratic which isn't surprising given the unpredictability of the neighborhood as a whole and the longevity of the listing. The sellers have made four brokerage switches, and the price has dropped from $499K to $369K. If we'd pricespotted this sucker in 2009, the first quess would've nailed it. But the fourth guesser made the appropriate adjustments. Others weren't far off. Some might consider this a heckuva value at $123/square foot. Depends who you ask.
·Listing: 955 W Carmen Ave. Unit 1A [RE/MAX]
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