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Rebuilt Two-Flat, Now LEED-Certified SF, Sells for $1.39M

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A green construction adventure undertaken by developer Tom McGrath has finally come to an end. On and off the market since September 2010, this week's closing cements a serious price collapse for this Bucktown 4-bed— from $2.5M to $1.39M. The LEED Platinum-certified adaptive reuse took hold of a sad two-flat at 1610 N Honore and worked it into the frankenstein property before you, chock full of green cred. As great a home as it is, with contemporary spaces, creative window spread, plank flooring, high ceilings, master suite w/ balcony, and solar panel-roofed garage deck, the initial ask equated to $675/sf— too high for Bucktown. The home's green features include solar-heated water, rain collection system, and the use of recycled construction materials. Glad this rarity found a match! UPDATE: The home is back on the market for $1.799M, one day after closing. Now that's a speedy flip!
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