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Transit-Oriented Apartment Infill Planned Near Belmont CTA

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A tipster brought to our attention this upzoned infill prospect just north of the Belmont/Sheffield intersection in Lakeview. The Sonco Real Estate-helmed plan just made waves—small ones?at a meeting of the Hawthorne Neighbors Association. The Lincoln Park Patch characterizes its reception as "mixed", with some objecting to the "congestion" invited by building 21 three- and four-bedroom units and only 11 parking spaces. Others thought the building an appropriate and attractive addition to a block of Sheffield right beside the Belmont CTA and tracks, if only for its noise-cancelling bulk. As it stands, a one-story retail structure occupies the lot. The retail spaces would be reconstructed at street level with three floors of apartments above and parking structure at back. There also looks to be a green rooftop (or greenish, anyway) and some modest street-level plantings. The design, by Red Architects, doesn't differ much from the building immediately to the south and others opposite. Recognizing as much, neighbors voted for a zoning change to nearly double the permitted unit count and help make the project financially viable.
·Mixed-Use Complex Proposed Near Belmont Stop [Lincoln Park Patch]