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Optima Center Chicago Approaching The Halfway Point

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Four months have elapsed since our first visit to Optima Center Chicago, so we felt it high time to return to Streeterville for another round of pics. And while the weather didn't play nice, we were able to capture some shots of the 325-unit mixed-use tower, which has risen steadily and is now halfway toward its final height of 42 floors. Installation of the black glass on the parking podium is complete, and there's a taste of the ultra-sleek blue facade. No one can say how the cantilever will turn out. Hopefully, it hasn't been nixed as a cost-saving measure. The $114M project, a joint venture by architect/developer David Hovey and DeBartolo Development, will seek LEED certification and include 22,000 square feet of commercial, retail, and office space. Delivery of the first units is expected sometime next year. Enjoy the pics!
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