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Nate Berkus' Sublime Condo Notches Chop After Chop

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Welcome back to the Berkus Circus! It's been a time. For those still waiting and watching, Nate Berkus' very own Gold Coast 3-bed is still on the market. And, with every passing month, it's inching back towards the 2003 purchase price. Before graduating from Oprah expert to certified talk show host, Berkus designed a bunch of snazzy Chicago condos. He of course included his own, in a crisp and elegant Andrew Rebori building. First listing for $2.65M in March 2011, the ask has stumbled down to $1.89M— just $400K above what Berkus spent in '03. It would be a pity if it came down much more considering the authorship invested in this place. At 4,000 square feet it's a mighty palatial get, too. There's way too many designer details to chronicle here, so we'll just leave you alone with the pics.
·Listing: 1325 N Astor St. #8 [Baird & Warner]
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