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High-Floor Hancock Condo has Army of Lanky Fashionistas

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You gotta have a certain respect for the gall in ditsying up a 64th floor, four-bed condo in the Hancock Center. Most would just let the views do the talkin'. The place is a combo of two and three bedrooms units, which gives it a healthy 3,300 square feet. That's the only healthy thing about it. We've seen in-home murals before, and whenever they fall in the harmonious ocean playground or the fashion runway category they automatically earn a That's Rather Hideous nod. The photos are in descending order of hideousness. Nothing tops the entryway, but also savor the kitchen's paint-splotch backsplash, artist palette-shaped island counter, squiggly cabinet handles, and pear-shaped dangling lights. The overall color scheme consists of yellows, reds, and some peach. Hey, at least there's no sunburst action. There are some sane-looking rooms, but we elected not to picture those— nobody likes a buzz kill. In an amenity-rich building, the unit's initial ask is $1.595M with an inexplicable assessment of $2,505/month.
·Listing: 175 E Delaware Place #6404-05 [Conlon]

John Hancock Center

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