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Help The Bulls Find a Suitable Name for Their Practice Facility

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As the NBA marches toward midseason, the height of Bulls hysteria is just around the bend. Furthering that great yearly tradition is the recent announcement that the Bulls will move their practice facility from dreary Deerfield to happenin' Chicago! The site has been selected (Wood & Madison) and the building rendered, but, as major media are reporting today, naming rights are still up for grabs. The Reinsdorf clan is looking to retire "Berto Center", named in memory of Sheri Berto, longtime assistant to Jerry Reinsdorf. That's just not a lucrative name. "Adidas Center", the front runner, has more financial pop to it. And the Bulls are believed to be in negotiations with other companies. While the going is good, better throw some alternatives into the ring. Help spruce up this glorified big box by dropping your naming suggestions in the comments below. On Monday, we'll put the standouts to a vote. Hey, maybe the Reinsdorfs will catch wind! Here's a couple to get the ball rolling: "Stampede City" and "The Other Madhouse on Madison" (even though the other was also the former Chicago Stadium).
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