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Farm Your Terrace at This Streeterville Condo Tower

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Urban farming is definitely working its way into the collective consciousness. Guerrilla projects are everywhere, but seldom do you see a high-rise resident convert their prized terrace into a home farming operation. That's exactly what the seller of this 3/2.5 condo cooked up for his/her 45' x 15' semi-sheltered terrace. Of course, if you buy in winter nothing will have germinated. Patience. Pretty soon you'll be driving that tractor! Like the idea, but also want some actual outdoor lounging space? They took care of that with a designated patio. And besides, there's a separate lake-facing balcony. Oh yeah, and the attached unit is very respectable too. New-to-market, the asking price is $1.15M.
CORRECTION: This would appear to be a developer-planted operation, not that of any one owner. There are similar plantings found throughout the public outdoor areas. But hey, may as well run with it!
·Listing: 600 N Lake Shore Drive #1004 [Baird & Warner]