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"Roosevelt Road in Chicago is like it is in the strip mall infested, environmentally unfriendly, culturally vacuous suburbs. It must be people from Westmont, Skokie, Elgin, Hinsdale, Highland Park and other urban center's suburbs that would rent a residential unit on Roosevelt Road between Clark and the Dan Ryan. Large, ugly parking lots right up front on the street rather than behind the building which should be at the sidewalk, and which are usually infested with dead or very poorly maintained landscape and litter, all between your car's parking space and a necessary big box retail store entrance along with traffic congested streets, particularly at rush hour. Wow, where do I sign up to spend my life there shopping to buy televisions, clothes, groceries, prescriptions because I am depressed, and other things I need to distract myself????" —Anon [Roosevelt Collection Welcomes Crop of Committed Retailers]