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True Brownstone, A Gold Coast Goliath, Renting for $8,000

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We've been here before. Until last April, this Romanesque Brownstone at Dearborn and Burton was listed for sale, starting at $5.5M and finishing at $3.95M. Sometimes you just gotta save face. Happily, the big 'ol romantic (6,300 square feet's worth) is back asking for your hand, as a $8K/month rental. When you consider the prevailing rent for mansions and top tier condos in the Gold Coast— here's one with the same square footage asking $19,500/month!—you have to reckon this is a fine arrangement. You get the gilded life, the landlord gets the upkeep. Speaking of upkeep, the interiors are hit and miss, no? Apart from the sumptuous common spaces, gorgeous woodwork, and multiple fireplaces, the bedrooms are a little tacky and the kitchen seems quite small. It's basically down to decor, which can be the renter's department if so choosing.
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