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Big Chops Fall On 'Stately' Offense in Old Irving Park

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Want "stately living in historic Old Irving"? Never mind all the exquisite 100-year-old properties when you can snag a real dullard parked in their midst. Of course, we only mean to assail the architecture. The 6/5 home's interiors have a battery of spoils that act as subterfuge: several stone fireplaces; wine cellar; "super luxury" bathrooms; two wet bars; two laundry rooms; rear terrace; backyard; and, last but not least, an enormous home theater. So far we're just in the realm of indulgence. You want wasteful? Try a five-car heated garage and heated sidewalks. It would appear that overconfidence got the better of this listing. It began its tortured market stay at $2.399M in May 2008, and has since de-listed and re-listed four times with some chops along the way. The ask is now all the way down to $1.298M— $413K below what it sold for in 2007 but still well above the neighborhood norm.
·Listing: 3912 N Keeler Ave. [@properties]