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For $2.2M: 6-Bed Mediterranean Style Home In Lincolnwood

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In a sign the McMansion trend is alive and well in Lincolnwood, we found this tacky "Florentine style villa," which utterly dominates its neighbors. The interiors are a lot more toned down than we would've expected given the garish exterior. The grand 2-story foyer with spiral staircase is about as daring as the place gets. Upstairs, the spacious master delivers tray ceilings and access to a small balcony. There's also a stone terrace overlooking the manicured lawn. And with 7,900-square feet to work with, why not throw in an extra kitchen? These 6/6 digs also sport a finished basement, vaulted ceilings, guest suite, skylights, and a lone fireplace. On and off the market for two-and-half-years, it's now yours for $2.2M.
·Listing: 6702 N Lawndale [@properties]