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North Grant Park Cleared, Maggie Daley Soon to Take Shape

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Many of the recognizable features of Daley Bicentennial Plaza and North Grant Park have been wiped clean over the past few weeks, as work advances on the new Maggie Daley Park at Randolph and Columbus. The full 20-acre spread, designed by Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, won't be finished until late 2014 at the earliest but soon you'll be able to track the early stage developments. Skyscraper Page user Wierdaaron shared a great set of photos with the forum, shot from a Lakeshore East vantage point (probably 340 on the Park) overlooking the site. The photos chronicle clearance progress starting a month ago. At press time half of the tennis courts are gone, the plaza chewed up, and the trees vanquished. And, as most of you know by now, the Loop's coveted secondary ice rink is closed for the season. A full menu of renderings—which reveal a skating ribbon, skate park, climbing park, hills, valleys, forested paths, and a great lawn—is available at the architect's site. Can you make the leap or is it too early to envision?
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