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2-Bed Loft In River North Shows Softer Side, Sells For $850K

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In a sign of just how far this part of River North has come, this 2/2 condo just went for $850K--more than double its '04 sales price. Based on the old loft building's exterior, we were expecting something a bit more rough-hewn inside (read: timber ceilings). But like the buyer who snatched 'er up the same day she listed we've definitely warmed to the place, which manages a soft contempo vibe without totally sacrificing its ramshackle lofty essence. You've got an open floor plan, exposed columns, and set of large windows. The chic master is short on views but long on space. The 2,500-square foot home furthers its case with hardwood floors, a woodburning fireplace, high ceilings, and deeded parking for an extra ten grand. The downside: the new owners will be really close to the el, so pack the earplugs!
·Listing: 215 W Illinois, Unit 3B [@properties]